How Much Does It Cost Refelt a Poker Table?

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Learning how much it costs to refelt a poker table can be a frustrating undertaking. As you’ve done your study, the vast majority of your lookup yields have likely attracted you through unlimited realms of refelting pool tables. While they might appear like they are in fact quite different. Therefore, we’re here in order to provide help.

Just how much does this cost to refelt a poker table? Refelting a poker table could cost anywhere from $300 to $500. ) The cost is dependent upon lots of factors, like performance, size (amount of gamers it chairs ), and kind of fabric. Normally, if you don’t possess a high end poker table, then it is much cheaper to simply replace it.

Ordinarily, refelting is carried out by the owner (that is you) or from specialized firms that offer home diversion tables like swimming pool, poker, along with other tabled amusement. Let us go through the many facets.

Variables which Affect Price of Refelting that a Poker Table

Quality and volume will probably induce the majority of the cost. Just how much space has to be insured, the kind of substance that can cover this, and if you’re planning to seek the services of a specialist are a few of the essential aspects. 

This is a breakdown of everything constitutes that last cost. Hopefully, by studying a little concerning the numerous components of refelting, you’ll be more prepared to create a decision on whether it’s well worth it to refelt or quotations to refelt.

Square Feet

The dimensions of this table is 1 variable that will establish the price tag. Partially based on dimensions, the price of the substance will be different. Occasionally this is as little as a couple bucks a square foot. 

Only be certain that whatever substance you purchase is sufficient to pay the entire playing area. To accomplish this, check the measurements of the sequence rather than supposing that the cloth is square. Lining up layouts or needing to only reorder more cloth is bothersome and raises the cost. 


The grade of the substance will establish the price of refelting also. Even though Amazon sells several felts for below $30, some others will probably be upwards of 100. Although some of the distinction is because of the dimensions of this cloth purchase, the substance itself will greatly influence the price also.


Felt, in this way type found on Amazon, is the most elementary substance which insures poker tables. It’s smooth, dependable, and timeless. It’s also the most economical. If you’re seeking to appeal to a single match, specifically, felt could be a great option as most come with the sport design pre-printed on the substance.

For games such as Texas Hold’Em, it is really a wonderful touch. To help guard felt against water damage, you may think about scotch protecting it. Otherwise, the soft cloth could float upward liquid.

Speed Fabric

Speed fabric is popular today. It’s easy and durable. Additionally, it has a excellent sense and card slip. Among the significant advantages of rate fabric is it is water-resistant and will last longer. The downside is the cost. Neither is overly expensive by itself, however rate fabric will probably be approximately $15 to get a 60″ x36″ part of fabric, felt could be roughly half that. 

This is some superb speed material located on Amazon.

Deciding Whether to Hire or the Job Yourself

As you’re aware there are lots of forms of poker tables which range in dimension, contour, and fashion. Some are rectangular, and oval. A few poker tables don’t have sensed and a few have removable facilities which are readily replaced. Everything comes down to if you need to do the job, or you would rather have somebody else do it.

although it’s recommended that a practitioner does the refelting, then it’s likely to perform it all yourself.

Refelting a poker table may vary between $300 to $500 for a little, easy poker table. But, it might be more for luxury tables using expensive speed fabric. Gaining info on refelting a poker table can be catchy since sizes and styles may fluctuate wildly.

The simplest way to lower the cost of refelting a desk would be to just do it all yourself. That, though, can be quite a time-consuming procedure. If you aren’t certain of what to do or don’t believe you are going to have the gear to perform the task, think about hiring help. 

One more way to learn whether you’re able to manage to refelt a desk by yourself would be to have a look at reputable instructions and see whether you can control the listing of jobs. If your desk came with directions about the best way best to refelt a desk, in this way Kestell handout, begin with this. Otherwise, there are loads of online resources which may have the ability to assist.

The web is filled with forums where you’ll have the ability to receive different particulars and listen about the measures individuals needed to refelt your own tables. If you’re handy and believe you’re up to this challenge, proceed! If your desk is classic, you’re not sure in your ability to finish this job, or you don’t have the essential tools, it may be best to choose a professional occupation. 


there’s a little bit of debate about the best approach to refelt a poker table. Because of this, the listing of required resources varies a little. The most usual information, however, would be to utilize these resources:

The straps are required since they may maintain the material in place since you extend it on the table. A 12 package will cost somewhat less than $20. The stapler, nevertheless, is significantly more expensive. A high quality pneumatic stapler can cost anywhere from $150-200. But, there are a number of choices for less, such as this one located on Amazon.

A pneumatic stapler is essential because nearly all staplers won’t have the ability to puncture the timber and also layers of covers also. Based upon the substance your desk is created out of, a pneumatic stapler may not do the job, but it does, typically, as well as all forests. 

Depending upon your own desk, you may require something to pry the old fabric out with. This is sometimes an easy scrapper. You may also require glue spray. These instruments are simple to discover and very affordable. 


Covering a horizontal smooth surface is simple. If, however, your dining table includes ridges, bumpers, or even another advantage deviations which simplifies the procedure, they’ll push the price significantly. Not only may these tiny details need sensed, but they need more craftsmanship and attention to pay.

Can Your Table Come with a

I know that this appears to be a stupid question, but I need to make certain that you have not missed this. Some businesses provide a”tune-up” service whenever they market a table. Huge businesses which sell pool tables, poker tables, along with many others typically provide a”guarantee” using their merchandise. For a small charge, they will provide a complimentary tune-up, or even refelting, support.

Therefore, when you’ve bought your desk from someplace, consult that firm before running off in search for somebody else to perform it for you. It is likely that you can find a better deal with all the organization that you purchased from.

Yet another thing that you might not have believed is that if you bought a poker table in a flea market or have been given it as a present, it is well worth looking into. Even if the guarantee is not in drive, they might at least be in a position to advocate that a repairman.

And even should you choose to simply replace the table, then it’s strongly advised that you search for a guarantee or”tune-up” clause. It could assist in the long run while maintaining up with keeping your desk. This is particularly valuable is you intend on getting parties or kids around or on your table.

What’s the Functionality of Your Table? )

Many tables have been constructed in which it is impossible for them to come to become refelted. In case you’ve got one of those tables, it’s likely you’ll have to replace the entire thing. But in case you’ve got one which is made to come back, then you’re in luck! In any event, the procedure may look daunting for you, so don’t be reluctant to seek expert help (particularly in the event that you’d like another opinion before substituting your desk ).

While poker tables
are available in many choices, many areas will need to be considered when seeking to refelt. In the event you refelt the very top, you might want to refelt another regions in order that it matches. Cases include the 2-in-1
(dining/poker), 3-in-1(dining/poker/hockey), tables with leaves (Without and with cup holders), tables with cup holders (fit ), along with your
fundamental poker tables without any additional functionalities.

Just How Many Players Does Your Table Sit?

Ordinarily a poker table includes sufficient chairs for 10 players, in the slightest. When there are a number of places where gamers may be fitted inside, a normal poker table is involving the duration of about 92 to 104 inches, so the diameter of 44 inches, and the normal height of 30 inches. Be aware that the players are in the desk, the more usable room all these has.

A great durable poker table may vary from roughly $500 to about $5,000 based on the dimensions of this table. Let us say you’ve got the big, casino established, poker dining table. Compare purchasing one of these in $4,000 from refelting it for about $450? Which would you select?

Remember too, some firms bill for disassembly and reassembly. If it
has to be taken apart and put back together, there might be an additional charge based on how big your dining table. There can also be the
price of transport, also, in case your table has to be picked up
out of the residence, taken to your company then returned.

What Kind of Fabric Do You Want?

Your cost will
factor in which sort of material you need in your desk also. If you
would like suede cloth, rate cloth, or additional nylon kinds. Also, take
under account whether there aren’t any particular styles which you want your desk refelted with.

Take under account the quantity of fabric you will need. Particularly in the event you’ve got a multiple working table. Some tables which possess the
racetrack constructed, comprise drop-in cup holders. Within the cupholders
at the floor is sensed. Be certain if you refelt to really go the excess step
and look after the extras in order for your dining table has a uniform appearance.

Some businesses offer
felt which possess the Vegas poker prints onto them while some are plain.
It had been discovered which you could discover that sensed on the regional art supply
shop. Make certain to find the proper felt intended for your own table together with its proper size.

Are You Paying for

Professionally refelting some recreational tables are advised. But some people today refelt their tables by themselves. Always look around but keep in mind that labour does influence the price in everything you select. Poker tables are not any different. Do your own research, assess testimonials, and also reach out whenever you’re searching around. Services such as Angie’s list may be a excellent place to begin.

Would a Fold-up Table be more Refelted?

Depending on which your folding dining table is created from, you need to have the ability to refelt it. Within this situation, however, it’s all but definitely worth tackling all on your own. Folding tables aren’t costly enough to be well worth hiring aid. Plus, for mild timber, you likely don’t need too much resources for principles to maintain. 

In case your folding desk is constructed from a non-wood substance, you may have the ability to use glue to pay or replace the older cloth. 

Regardless of what you’re considering when seeking to refelt a folding poker table, then think about whether it is well worth it. It may be more cost-effective to just buy a brand new one. If you’re connected to the one which you own or are attempting to minimize your substance waste, but you may most likely find a means to refelt a fold-up desk efficiently.

More Tips for the Do It Yourself Guy

if you’re convenient and have some expertise repairing things, below are a few ideas for you.

  • Learn what you can on your dining table. Nothing is more challenging than getting halfway through a job and you’re not able to do anything about it as you didn’t receive all of the info required.
  • If you’ve eliminated the sensed, be certain you take out each one the original principles and tacks which are holding the sensed. This prevents the principles from bending, hitting, and isn’t correctly holding your fresh felt tight.
  • Bring the sensed as tight as possible. You don’t need any wrinkles, creases, or feel free.
  • Make sure that areas that had sensed are being coated in fresh sensed. Based upon your table’s performance, your desk might require more than only the centre refelted. Make sure you’ve bought enough cloth, and remember to refelt these bits throughout the procedure. Particularly in the event you’ve purchased red velvet felt along with your own cup holders still have the first green felt.
  • When pasting, be certain you be quite careful. You don’t want bubbles and creases.
  • Once you’re finished, sit and revel in your freshly refelted poker dining table!

So when can it be Cost-Prohibitive into Refelt a Poker Table?

The principle of”totaling” an automobile works fairly well for whether to refelt a desk also. In case the worth of this refelting is higher than the total cost of this table, look at getting the next table. If you are aware of how to refelt yourself and have the stuff, however, you are likely to can refelt it on your home for less than the total cost of this table, therefore it may be well worth trying. 

For anybody with a classic, classic, or otherwise precious dining table, selecting an expert to refelt the table may be a great idea. Much like you would not turn a traditional automobile over to a amateur mechanic, do not leave a precious poker table at front of the unskilled refelter. This manner, a number of the pricier refelting jobs will also be the very rewarding. 

Finally the cost of refelting a desk will be dependent on your abilities and also the specifications of this table.

In Comparison

By contrast, if a table you’re seeking to refelt is a little round poker table with no actual performance and it isn’t removable, it’s advised that you buy a different one. But if your own poker table gets the operation, it may come apart, and then be mended (tuned up); subsequently your recommendation is refelting. When you do it your self or you own a company do it’s all up to you. The end result should still be exactly the same.

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